DIY Tools, Documents, and Best Practices

We've compiled a list of DIY tools, documents, and best practices to help you on your startup's journey. We've provided some shortcuts below but you can always view and search the full list if you prefer.


Investor lists, pitch prep, market research, and tools to make your deck stand out.


Logo designers, image and video generators, copyediting tools, email marketing campaign management, SEO optimization.


Tools to help you put together a competitive offer, source contract talent, and manage payroll. Includes content related to co-founder dynamics and identifying co-founders.

🖥️IT & Cybersecurity

Compliance vendors, web domain security management, cybersecurity checklists, disaster recovery guides.

👩‍💻Product Development

Platforms as a Service, low/no-code platforms, image editors, accessibility checkers, web form tools, checklists for selling to enterprises.

🏭Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Useful tools and services for finding suppliers, receiving quotes, selecting manufacturing processes, and managing your sourcing and fulfillment supply chain

🔎Market Research

Tools for customer feedback, building personas, and market research.


Financial modeling tools, cost calculators, startup-friendly banks, fractional bookkeepers and CFOs, cap table management, outsourced payroll/benefits.


Legal documents and templates, company formation as a service, cap table management solutions.


Tips for building sales compensation plans, checklists for selling to enterprise.


Analytics platforms, dashboards, data modeling tools, how-to guides for using data.


How-tos and Guides for pricing different products and business models

📖Further Reading

Newsletters, curated resources for founders, and articles that don't fit in other categories.


Articles on dealing with burnout, cofounder conflict, work-life balance, and life outside of your startup.

The Full List of Tools

🧰Searchable List of Tools, References, and Best Practices